How to Regrow Hair?

After you know how to stop hair fall, and if you are looking for an effective answer to your query ‘how to regrow hair’, there are basically two scenarios that you need to consider. This is important because both these scenarios will require completely different techniques of treatment. Thus, the technique used for regrowing hair will vary, depending on whether you are experience balding or just thinning of hair. In case you are witnessing thinning of hair in some parts of your hair, then you will most likely be able to regrow your hair using natural remedies. However, in case the primary cause behind your hair fall is balding and you have lost all your hair in any particular area of your scalp, then there are chances that you might not be able to successful answer your query of ‘how to regrow hair’ using natural solutions.

In many cases, hair loss is caused due to some or the other underlying disorder such as a genetic disorder called male pattern baldness or as a side effect to radiation therapy for treatment of cancer. However, in normal cases, there are certain simple things that you can do that will work as effective solutions to the problem ‘how to regrow hair’.

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Dietary Changes
Bringing a positive change in your diet by including the right kind of nutrients in it can go a long way in inducing hair regrowth and reducing hair loss. Your diet, along with a healthy lifestyle, will help you see the changes in your hair that you wish to see. Some of the top nutrients that you must incorporate in your diet include iron and copper as insufficient intake of these minerals results in hair loss. Getting enough intake of B-vitamins of a daily basis can be quite helpful for hair regrowth as well. Besides this, enough quantities of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids can help in getting healthier hair. These essential fats can be found in oily fishes like mackerel, herring, sardines and salmon. In case of vegetarians, olive oil and flaxseeds can do the job.

Block DHT
If you want to know How to Regrow Hair, then you should know about DHT. DHT, which is an enzyme that binds the hair follicles and causes it to go dead eventually, is the main cause behind hair loss. With the help of different over-the-counter herbs like saw palmetto, you can reduce the level of DHT present inside the body. This will help to regrow your hair successfully. Ending buildup of DHT will prevent falling of hair.

Essential Oils
Massaging the hair and scalp with essential oils helps in stimulating the hair follicles, which furthers helps the hair to grow at a much more rapid pace than normal. In fact, there are certain oils that can really promote the regrowth of your hair such as jojoba, lavender, rosemary and henna. The best part is that there are no side-effects associated with these oils; so you can use them without any worry. Simply massage the oil into your scalp using your fingers using vigorous and circular movements for at least 5 minutes.

There are a few shampoos that also work as hair regrowth treatment for both women and men. Good quality clarifying shampoos clean up the hair follicles from deep within and stimulate the circulation of blood in the scalp, resulting in faster hair growth. Make sure to avoid all shampoos and conditioners containing sodium lauryl sulfate in them as they dry the hair out excessively and makes them brittle. The fact is that hair cannot regrow if your scalp and hair are unhealthy. Therefore, using a good shampoo suitable for your hair type is extremely necessary.

If you are truly serious about finding an answer to the question ‘‘how to regrow hair’, then take the help of the above mentioned techniques and you will surely see a desirable change in the quality as well as quantity of your hair, and you might like to know about Home Remedies for Hair Growth.

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